Friday, December 08, 2006

Tis The Season

Happy Friday, Everyone

Two days ago I lost my wallet. It somehow fell out of my jacket pocket never to be seen again. Now being of the firm belief that things happen for a reason I was trying to figure out exactly what I needed to learn from this. Was it a lesson to teach me to be more conscious or a lesson for me to learn to be more careful... I wonder??

I also believe that even when something seems negative we need to find the positive in the experience. I thought about that one for a bit and came to the conclusion that things could have been worse. Sure it was a pain in the butt to cancel my bank card and credit card and get a new license etc ; but other than that what did I really lose? Luckily I only had $10 in it so thankfully I was not carrying a lot of money. The positive then would be that I could have been carrying a bunch of cash whilst on a Christmas shopping trip, now that would have been a major downer. So all in all it was not a big deal!! Once I came to that conclusion, I could relax and get on with my life. Still in the back of my mind I wanted to believe that some kind soul would find the wallet and return it to me, I didn't hold my breath... but it was still in my thoughts never-the-less.

Well my friends just before I wrote this blog I received a phone call and my wallet was found in order and I can pick it up tomorrow. Too cool!! Maybe the lesson I needed to learn was to trust in the kindness of strangers. Somehow with all the news about the latest terrorist attack or crime somewhere we start to lose faith in our fellow man and forget (except for a few bad apples) that we are all inherently good people deep down inside. This was an eye-opener for me to keep trusting and not become cynical. I have always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt and at times it has come back to bite me. This has shown me that I need to continue to have faith in my neighbour. I think it is imperative that we teach this to our children too.

Thank you Universe!!! I learned my lesson big time!! Monicka

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