Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reading - a great Kids' Goal for the Summer Holidays!

As a kid my most favorite thing in the world was reading, so it seems incomprehensible to me that not all kids are that way inclined. Reading has so many benefits, that it's a fabulous activity to encourage. Of course playing with other kids is probably the most important thing children should do during the summer holidays, what better way to enjoy themselves and develop great social skills, but EVERYONE should have at least some time for reading!

The local libraries in my area are doing all kinds of reading-related activities for kids, with "missions" to read certain books they recommend and so on, and I thought a Reading Goal would be a great idea for kids during the holidays.

Ideas for a good Reading Goal:

1. Relate to a subject your kid loves and can get passionate about.
2. Include some participation from you, like "book discussion" or simply doing some reading together or to each other.
3. Include a satisfying step of "ticking off" mini-steps as they are achieved!

Happy goal setting with your kids!


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